Caring Community

Craig Long and boys at Story for All Ages
There are many ways we care for one another at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence. Challenges come our way in life. Some are manageable, especially with practical help from others, such as delivering meals or providing transportation.  Others leave us feeling very alone and overwhelmed, or demand great contemplation.  These may be eased by compassionate, caring presence and emotional support.  Our minister and volunteers represent the entire UUCL community in providing the gift of caring when it’s needed most.

Pastoral Care: Our Minister

The Rev. Jill Jarvis offers pastoral counseling, hospital or home visits, and phone calls during difficult times.  UUCL members and friends are encouraged to call on her for spiritual support.  You might consider calling the minister when:<\p>

  •         You or someone you care about is very sick or hospitalized
  •         Someone you care about has died
  •         You would like to discuss your own mortality
  •         You are planning a wedding or commitment ceremony
  •         You are planning to separate or divorce
  •         You would like a ceremony of dedication for your child
  •         You are pregnant but wish you weren’t
  •         You are trying to become pregnant, but cannot
  •         You or someone you care about is in legal trouble or has been arrested
  •         You have lost hope or faith in yourself, in another, or in life itself
  •         You would like to be visited in your home

Contact our minister by phone at (816) 853-6530 or email

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral care at UUCL is supported and enhanced by a dedicated, trained group of volunteers who supplement (but do not replace) pastoral care by our minister. It is a ministry of presence, companionship and listening in which Pastoral Care Associates are assigned care receivers whom they visit on a regular basis.  Those who receive care are often experiencing problems such as bereavement, aging, loneliness, unemployment, and divorce or other life transitions.

Our Pastoral Care Associates complete a basic pastoral caregiving course and receive ongoing monthly training, spiritual support, and supervision by our minister.  On a strictly confidential basis, they provide an ongoing, caring, listening presence, and hope in times of need.

To contact Pastoral Care Associations, call our minister at (816) 653-6530, email or lay pastoral associate leader Valerie Roper, (785)-979-8339, email

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the members and friends of this congregation, we are able to provide emergency financial assistance on a confidential basis from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.  If a financial crisis renders you unable to play for housing, food, medication, utilities, transportation, or other urgent items — or if you’re aware of a UUCL member or friends in this situation — please contact the minister by email at or by phone at (816) 853-6530.  All requests and distributions are held in strictest confidence.

Grahm with better posture

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Team is here to offer concrete assistance. Do you know a member or friend who needs

  •         Meals on a short-term basis?
  •         Emergency babysitting?
  •         Transportation to a UUCL event, shopping for essentials, or medical appointments?
  •         Respite care?
  •         A card or phone call to cheer them up or to acknowledge a significant life transition?

The members of our Helping Hands Team are happy to provide such help.

Our team of Helping Hands coordinators, headed by team leader Kristen Spencer, maintains a list of members and friends who are willing to help in a variety of ways. To request assistance for yourself or another member/friend, contact the Helping Hands Team at or contact the UUCL offfice.

Celebration of Life Memorial Services

We offer assistance in coordinating all aspects of memorial services for UUCL members or their family members.  Our goal is to assist the minister, or officiant, and the family in creating a celebration which meaningfully reflects the deceased person’s life.

  • Assess audio-video needs and supply technical support
  • Arrange for child care for children of attending family members
  • Arrange for a reception following the service if desired
  • Supply ushers and other help as needed
  • Take care of all other details on the day of the service to lessen demands on family members as much as possible.

The UUCL has an elevator to Founders Hall for those needing assistance to the reception following a service.