Registration Form for RE Attendees

Family Covenant

As a partner in the work of religious education, we agree to:

  • Stay informed via the website and publications
  • Respect starting and ending times
  • Strive for regular participation
  • Volunteer time to the RE program
  • Communicate with teachers and the Director of Lifelong Learning
  • Make an annual financial pledge to UUCL

Photo Consent

There are times at the UUCL when we celebrate and document our children’s activities with digital photographs on our brochure, website or Facebook page.


While we feel that this practice sidesteps any potential for our internet presence being a threat to children’s safety, we offer families the option to opt out of having photos of their children on the internet.  Please indicate below whether or not you give your consent for photographs of your children engaged in church activities to be used on The UUCL website or Facebook page.

Form Begins Here

Please respond to all required fields and then click the Submit button at the bottom.