Directions and Parking

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence is located south of Lawrence. If you are coming from Lawrence, follow Iowa Street (US 59) south past the South Lawrence overpass and cross the bridge over the Wakarusa River. Or take Louisiana St. to 31st and turn south on Michigan St., for a more scenic ride.

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or    Louisiana Route

If you take Iowa (59 Highway) skip the first two rights (1200 Rd and 1135 Rd) and then get into the right turn lane and turn right on  N. 1100 Road.

Turn onto 1100 Rd

The UUCL building is located about one-half mile down on the left at 1263 N. 1100 Road. You can also go directly to Google Maps for directions from your location.

Where to park

Most of the parking lot, shown below, is gravel covered, but there are several paved spaces reserved for those who need assistance with mobility.


UFL Parking