Fall FUNdraiser!!!

There are still some spots available at these events. Don’t miss out of the FUN! Sign up at UFL at the Fall FUNdraiser table in the foyer or by contacting Shannon at shannyvan@gmail.com.

Beer Tasting
Friday, January 29, 6:30pm

$20 per person, 20 guests maximum
Do you enjoy learning about and tasting beer?  Join us for a beer tasting where you can share your favorite and find out what others are enjoying.  You will bring at least 3 12-oz bottles/cans of your favorite beer to share, along with the reasons why you chose it.  We’ll put your reasons on a card near your beer, so others can read them.  We will provide a simple, beer-friendly dinner for you to enjoy.
Rebecca’s House, 104 Lawrence Ave (or possibly at UFL)
Adults only
Donated by Rebecca Gant and Shannon VanLandingham

Cozy craft Day
Saturday, February 6, 3:00

$5 per person, No maximum number of guests
Let’s get together and do arts/crafts or whatever you want to do, and visit, snack, just have fun and chat for 1-3 hours.  I suggest people bring something to keep them occupied, snacks, and a friend if you feel like it.  Maybe we can convince Bonnie to help us with our beading projects!
Held at UFL
Children are welcome
Idea contributed by Amanda Bhattachan

Truffle-Making Party
Saturday, February 13, 1:00-3:00 pm

$20 per person, 12 guests maximum
Join us as we make some homemade treats for you or your sweetie!  We’ll make chocolate truffles of various flavors and put them in a pretty box, ready for Valentine’s Day gift-giving.
Rebecca’s house, 104 Lawrence Ave.
Children over 3 are welcome (with a parent)
Donated by Shannon VanLandingham and Rebecca Gant

Sing for Your Supper!
Saturday, February 27, 6:30pm

$25 per person, 12 guests maximum
You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy singing!  Let’s get together and entertain each other with songs, poetry readings, instrumental performances, magic, or whatever sounds fun! All guests (and hosts) will come prepared to perform and to receive adulation from an adoring audience.  In return, we will feed you chili, cornbread, and dessert.  Beer and soft drinks will also be provided.  Feel free to bring any other beverages.
Join us at our house, 2303 Manchester Rd.
Adults only
Donated by Pam Slawson and Tom Geyer

Scrabble Party
Saturday, March 6

$10 per person, 8 guests maximum
Come get your word play on!  We will have two tables of four players each with drinks and snacks provided.   Maybe you’ll play QUIZZIFY, QUETZALS, GHERKINS or MUZJIKS!
Kipps’ House at 3208 W. 24th Terrace
Children who wish to play are welcome
Donated by Jake and Masha Kipp

Blind Wine Tasting
Friday, March 25, 6:30 pm

(If the ‘Hawks are still in the tournament, we’ll work around their schedule)
$20 per person, 20 guests maximum
Do you like to try different wines?  Would you like to see if you can tell which wine is more or less expensive by tasting?  Come to this wine tasting and see!  You will bring a bottle of wine in a bag.  We will cover and number your wine so that no one else sees the label.  We’ll enjoy appetizers provided by the hosts as we taste.  Then, all those who taste will vote on our favorite wine of the evening, and we’ll have the big reveal to see which wine wins!  We’ll have a prize for the favorite.
Shannon’s house, 4419 Turnberry Drive
Adults only
Donated by Shannon VanLandingham and Rebecca Gant

Wine and Small Plates Evening
Saturday, April 9, 6:30 pm

$50 per person, 10 guests maximum
Enjoy sampling Ted’s wines and pairing of Judy’s gourmet small plates.
The Wilsons’ House, 532 N. 1737 Rd.
Adults only
Donated by Judy and Ted Wilson

Kubb, Kabobs and Leinenkugel
Saturday, April 16, 5:00-8:00 pm

$25 per person, 10 guests maximum
Do you love outdoor lawn games but are tired of croquet? Kubb is an old Viking game of strategy similar to a combination of horseshoes and bowling. Easy to play, hard to master but loads of fun! We will fire up the grill for kabobs (vegetarian also!) and pop open some Leinie’s to add flavor to the evening!
Join us in UFL’s backyard
Wooden batons are tossed through the air so children that are able to stay clear of the playing area will have fun joining in! Don’t know how to play? No problem, here is a video: https://vimeo.com/90462459
Donated by Bonnie and Aaron Blosser

3D Movie Party
(Date TBD)

$15 per adult and $10 per child for the first two children (up to two more children free)
2 adults with 4 children or 4 adults maximum
We will provide pizza or a light meal with refreshments.  And we will all view a 3D movie of your choice!
The Russell house, 749 Hickory Street, North Lawrence
Children are welcome
Donated by Debbie & Curtis Russell