Harry Potter Social Justice Camp

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Join The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence for Harry Potter Social Justice Camp! Beings ages 4-4,000 are invited to join us for a week reveling in the everyday magic that surrounds us, as illuminated by the magical world of Harry Potter!

Nominate your children for “The Academy of The Sacred Flame” by clicking here.

They will spend the week cavorting in the mystical wilderness of the Kansas Prairie, a few miles south of Lawrence on the beautiful grounds of the UUCL.

Campers will spend the weekdays, from 1-4pm, playing quidditch, making potions, learning to care for magical creatures, creating magical crafts, and exploring social justice issues embedded with privilege.  Our camp elves will be playing a key servitude role.  Our classes and assemblies will introduce and explore privilege, fairness and social justice.  We will have a camp justice project and will ‘free’ our camp elves at our Friday evening Academy Show.

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Contact Bonnie Blosser, DFD, at ufl.dll@gmail.com

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