Audit Committee

The Audit Committee determines whether the finances of the Fellowship are as represented by the Treasurer’s reports and the Finance Committee and issue the committee’s findings to the Executive Board in the form of an annual Audit Report. The Audit Committee’s primary duty is to issue an audit report, which answers these questions:

  • Do the amounts shown in the asset accounts on the balance sheet appropriately represent the assets?
  • Have expenditures from the operating funds been within the confines of the budget approved for the fiscal year just ended?
  • Have all other expenditures been properly authorized?
  • Have receipts been handled properly so that all are accounted for?
  • Are the bookkeeping and accounting procedures such that the reports accurate picture of the financial situation of the Fellowship

The Audit Committee issues an annual Audit Report, which refers to and includes as appendices the Treasurer’s reports for the fiscal year beginning and ending Balance Sheet and Budget versus Actual expenditures.

Members (2014-2015): Tom Cravens (chair), Chris Gehringer, John Roper

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