Endowment Trustees Committee

The Endowment Committee reports to the Executive Board and also communicates with the UFL Finance Committee. The committee keeps track of the UFL Endowment Funds, advising the Board on how these investments should be made. It also acts to encourage gifts to the Endowment and other means of increasing the Endowment.

The Endowment Committee

  • oversees the Fellowship Endowment Funds and reports to the Board on how the investments made with the Funds are doing
  • makes recommendations and reports to the Board on how these funds should be invested
  • communicates with Finance Committee on funds going into and out of the Endowment Funds
  • communicates with the Finance Committee regarding non-endowment Fellowship funds on deposit at the Douglas County Community Foundation
  • publicizes the existence of the Endowment within the congregation and assists members who wish to contribute
  • promotes planned giving within the congregation

Members (2014-2015): Marci Francisco (chair), Ellie Unruh, Tom Cravens, Marcel Harmon

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