Personnel Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Personnel Committee concern the professional staff of UFL, excluding the minister (refer to Committee on Shared Ministry). At present professional staff include: the office manager (1/2 time) and the director of life-long learning (3/4 time).

The committee advises the Executive Board on job descriptions and compensation for professional staff (except the minister). It prepares evaluations of the professional staff annually or as mandated. It prepares the annual budget for these positions, including allowances for Social Security, Medicare, worker’s compensation, health insurance, and any other employee benefits.

The committee receives and reviews any comments, compliments, or complaints from congregation members about any of the professional staff (other than the minister) and takes appropriate action. It reviews unresolved grievances of the staff (except the minister) and, where appropriate, recommend resolution to the Executive Board.

The committee will undertake other personnel-related matters as requested by the Executive Board or the minister. Any staff members who are entitled to vacations coordinate them through the Personnel Committee.

Members (2014-2015): Denise Perpich (Chair), Jean Dirks, Dick Schowen

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