Program Council

The Program Council supports the work of Fellowship volunteer teams so as to achieve the mission, vision, and goals of the Fellowship and to enhance participation of its members and friends. The members of the Program Council are four area coordinators representing the major areas of Fellowship ministry plus the convener. The minister and the director of religious exploration are ex officio members. Each area coordinator is appointed for a two-year term by the Executive Board, and appointment may be renewed for one term.The convener is the immediate past Fellowship chair.  The convener calls the meeting, prepares the agenda, and conducts Program Council meetings.

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The Past Chair serves as convener. This year’s convener is Barbara Schowen.


Member Email Phone
Barbara Schowen (Convener)  785/842-4371
Tom Cravens
Congregational Life and Fundraising 785/749-2013
Pam Slawson
Communication 913/620-1486
Bob Harper
Sunday Meetings & Facilities  785/830-8487
Dick Schowen
Lifelong Learning  785/842-4371  


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