Chamber Music Series


Upcoming Events: Sunday, February 22, 2:30 p.m.

KU percussion professor Ji Hye Jung and her students

perc ensemble


The Unitarian Chamber Series invites you to a lively performance by

KU Percussionists with their professor Ji Hye Jung.


The University of Kansas offers a comprehensive approach to the study and performance of percussion in a variety of styles and genres including orchestral, solo, chamber, world, and jazz percussion under Ji Hye Jung, Assistant Professor of Percussion.  KU percussion students participate not only in various large and chamber ensembles and jazz combos, but also in West African Drumming Ensemble.  With the percussion repertoire still in its formative state, Ms. Jung feels strongly about collaborating with composers to further the creation of a new voice for the art form.


A reception with opportunity to meet the artists follows the concert.

Sunday, February 22, 2:30 p.m.

Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, 1263 North 1100 Road, Lawrence, KS

Tickets $10 at the door


The Team

The Chamber Music Series Team organizes the annual UFL Chamber Music Series.  The Team Leader:

  • presents to the team a list of groups for the annual concert series.
  • upon the Team’s approval, negotiates the contract with each group, stipulating the cost, date, and musical program.
  •  submits a voucher to the UFL Treasurer to ensure that each group receives its payment
  • monitors the CMST budget and has voucher signature authority for the team.


The Advertising and Promotion Leader assumes responsible for the design and execution of all promotional activities for the series and for each individual performance.

The Ticket Sales Leader:

  • assumes responsibility for the procurement of season tickets and tickets for individual events.
  • oversese the sale of both season tickets and tickets for individual events.
  • sees that the raised funds are turned over to the Fellowship Treasurer.
  • secures the signature of another team member verifying all cash submissions to the treasurer.

The Reception Leader:

  • organizes the team members who support the post-concert reception by procuring food and drink, setting up the reception, and cleaning up after the receptions.
  • prepare vouchers for any bills associated with reception costs, obtain the signature of the Music Leader, and submit the vouchers to the UFL Treasurer.


Members (2014-2015): John Boulton (Leader), Jake Kipp, Nancy Jorn, Carol Enos, Bob Harper, Bob Smith, Rita Spradlin, Joe Spradlin, Carole Boulton, Silke Johanning, Bruce Johanning, Masha Kipp

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