Hospitality Team – Annual Special Events

The Annual Special Events Catering Coordination teams provide food and beverage coordination for the following annual Fellowship events: the annual Executive Board Retreat, UFL Leadership 101 retreat, the Women’s Retreat, Harvest Festival Potluck, Christmas Party, Newcomer’s Brunch, UFL Talent Show, Easter Potluck, UFL Auction, and Founders’ Day function if there is one.

The Annual Special Events Catering Coordination Team Leader recruits and organizes team members for events, orients team members to the event venue as necessary, ensures that supplies are on hand for events, coordinates with appropriate teams on event plans, budget and for voucher signatures . Team Members prepare and/or set up serving tables for food and beverages as appropriate for the event
 Monitor and replenish food, beverages and supplies as needed. They clean up the event venue as appropriate after the event.


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Members (2014-2015): Brita Calnon, Julie Loring, Barbara Thompson

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