Hospitality Team – Wednesday Evening

Wednesday Night Dinner Teams are responsible for preparation of meals with set up and clean up as part of their duties. The Wednesday Night Team Leader recruits and organizes volunteer teams for Wednesday night dinners,orients new Wednesday night teams, enssures tht supplies are on hand for dinner, monitors budget and has signature authority for the Wednesday night teams.

Wednesday Night Team Members prepare food and beverages for meal and set up on serving tables. They monitor and replenish food, beverages and supplies as needed,clean up the kitchen clean tables in rooms used for dinner, take down tables in sanctuary, vacuum and reset chairs in sanctuary by 7:15 (with assistance from dinner participants). The ensure that Fellowship doors are locked and lights out if they are the last to depart; they delegate that responsibility to remaining activity leaders if they are not the last to depart.

Members (2014-2015): Silke Johanning (Leader)

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