Aesthetics Team

banner flaming purpleThe Aesthetics Team enhances the beauty of the building and grounds of the UFL, to support artists, and to enrich the aesthetic experience of the congregation. Typically, members have experience in the arts.

  • Protocol for Donated Art: The team decides whether to accept gifts and when, where, how, and how long to display them.
  • Exhibitions: The team will arrange to host exhibitions in Founders’ Hall and possibly in other building areas year round.

The team submits information about shows, artists, receptions, and acquisitions of gifts to the UFL to the newsletter and for the Sunday announcement insert.

Coordinating with the artist and the hospitality and internal communications teams, the team hosts a reception during the social hour on a Sunday morning. Artist contact information is available for UFL members and friends who wish to contact the artists about their work.

Members (2014-2015): Betty Baron (chair), Celia Smith, Courtney Foat, Elle Patton

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