Children’s Religious Exploration Team

The team plans and implements Sunday morning classes and activities for children in the age-range of Pre-K (4 years old) through 6th grade.

The Team Leader…

  • Sets the Children’s RE Team Meeting schedule and agenda with input from the team members, determines the need for Child Care and make arrangements (or delegate this role).
  • Facilitates the Children’s RE Team meetings and ensure that meeting roles are delegated by requesting volunteers to ensure that minutes are taken, submitted and maintained as well as other roles implemented (e.g. choosing and reading the reflection, lighting the chalice etc.).
  • Communicates regularly with parents of children in this age-range about current curriculum, upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement.
  • Monitors the current year’s budget.
  • With Team Members, determines the instructional materials and equipment needs of Children’s RE age groups and then, based on the budget, order those materials, or include in the next year’s budget request.
  • With Team Members, recruits volunteers to serve as RE teachers.
  • Attends the Life Long Learning Program Group’s Team Leaders Meetings.

Team Members…

  • Plan an annual schedule of classes, activities and events and a corresponding annual budget.
  • Participate in the selection of the RE curriculum and the Sunday RE class routines and rituals in an effort to provide meaningful programming and activities for children in the Pre-K through 6th grade age range.
  • Work together to recruit and train volunteers to teach Sunday classes and activities during the 9:30 time slot.
  • Develop training documents and schedule for new volunteers.
  • Develop and maintain a UFL Children’s RE bulletin board to ensure the larger UFL community is aware of the RE activities.
  • Develop and submit a fall, spring and summer article for the UFL newsletter to communicate how the Children’s RE program contributes to the life of UFL.
  • Identify material and equipment needs and communicate these during team meetings.
  • Identify facility needs related to Children’s RE such as room aesthetics, layout and design and facility use.

Sunday School Teachers…

  • Plan and gather the necessary materials for their assigned RE class session(s) using the suggestions and guidelines of the individual lesson within the selected curriculum.
  • Take attendance during class sessions.
  • Set up the classroom for the specific lesson.
  • Return all materials to their proper storage area, clean the classroom following all specified cleaning procedures, restore the room to the pre-set up state, and be sure that the lights, heater and a/c are turned off and the door locked.
  • Prepare a written overview of the lesson that will be provided to children’s parents and caregivers.

Members (2014-2015): Barbara Thompson (Leader), Michelle Iwig-Harmon, Annemarie Chilton, Michael O’Brien, Denise Perpich, Becky Pruitt, Shannon VanLandingham, Ashley Strand, Bridget O’Connor

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