OWL Team

The OWL (Our Whole Lives) Team’s primary goal is to ensure ongoing programming in  sexuality education for elementary and middle school children and youth. High school and Adult OWL will be scheduled as facilitators are available and programs are desired.

The Team Leader

  1. Provides vision and leadership for the OWL program.
  2. Schedules the biennial rotating OWL classes, coordinating the details of classes with facilitators.
  3. Ensures that a background check is completed every five years for each active facilitator and that facilitators have reviewed the Safe Congregation policy and have signed a current Safe Congregation disclosure form.
  4. Recognizes current- year child and youth participants annually on Celebration Sunday.
  5. Prepares an annual plan to be communicated to the Program Council and an annual report at the end of the fiscal year.

The Team Members

  1. Determine OWL policy and procedure.
  2. Set a class schedule including parent meeting date, coordinate classroom space, provide parent communication, determine class participation and coordinate recruitment of non-member participant on a space available basis, ensuring materials and books are available for OWL classes.
  3. Ensure that trained facilitators are available for the predetermined semester/year that each OWL class is offered, monitoring interest and general ongoing availability of currently-trained facilitators for subsequent years, determining need for new facilitator training, coordinating on-site regional facilitator training in collaboration with PSD or identifying facilitator training opportunities within traveling distance, selection of new facilitators.
  4. Enhance congregational support, community visibility, and advocacy for comprehensive sexuality education.

Members (2014-2015):

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