Youth Team

The Youth Team  plans and implements a program of religious education activities for adolescent high school age youth in the age range of 9th through 12 grade. The Team also communicates with and provides advocacy in the larger UFL community to help ensure programming and surroundings that are inclusive and welcoming of our youth.

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities

  • Plan an annual schedule of classes/meeting involving activities and events and a corresponding annual budget.
  • Communicate regularly with parents of youth in this age range about current curriculum, upcoming activities events, and opportunities for involvement.
  • Plan and lead a Youth Service trip on a bi-annual basis.
  • Plan and supervise youth fund-raising activities to support the biannual service trip.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the Team Members and delegate roles by requesting volunteers as needed for activities associated with (a) planning and implementing the Youth activities, events and trips, and (b) participating in the other team tasks associated with communicating with and informing parents and caregivers as well as the larger congregation of the UFL about the goals, curriculum, activities and needs of the Youth program.
  • With Team Members, determine the instructional materials and equipment needs of Youth team and then, based on the budget, order those materials or include them in the next year’s budget request.
  • Coordinate any aesthetic, design and facility needs of the Youth Team with the other LLL Team Leaders and communicate to the Lifelong Learning Director and the Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator and Board.

Members (2014-2015): Paul Calnon and Brita Matiatos Calnon (Co-leaders), Drew Smith, Lillian Wright Smith

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