Social Action Justice Team

Social Action Board

The Social Action Justice Team focuses on social justice primarily in our community, but also in the state, nation and world. Our purpose is to integrate services and presentations with action. The Team provides leadership in identifying social justice action initiatives. It makes recommendations on initiatives and action to the leadership of the Universalist Congregation of Lawrence including the executive board and other teams, such as the Program Team. It maintains connections with the social justice initiatives in the UU’s Mid America Region. It also maintains active contacts with the local community connections and administers the UUCL’s  “Community Connections.”

Members (2016-2017): Amanda Battachan, Andrew Brown, Barbara Johnston, Barbara Schowen, Barbara Thompson, Bobbie Powell, Carol Eades Delnevo, Douglas Underwood, E. Jay Hilty, Elizabeth Ide, Ellen Reid Gold, Elliot Smith Vacek, Emily Russell, Graham Kreicker, Jake Kipp, Jeannie Harper, Jennifer Dropkin, Jessica Gipp, Joe Spradlin, John Bodle, Joyce Pearl Jones, Kristof Sibilla, Lynne Bodle, marci francisco, Mark Lenz, Paula Monroe, Pennie Von Achen, Richard Schowen, Rita Spradlin, Tom Geyer, Travis Wells, Jill Jarvis.

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