Sunday Program Team

The Program Team develops and implements the weekly Sunday Morning Program, which addresses a wide range of topics in keeping with the interests of the congregation and supportive of Unitarian Universalism’s Seven Principles.

The team selects topics, arranges for speakers, informs the Newsletter of the weekly program, and drafts the order of service. In many cases it works closely with UFL governance institutions to present topics of interest to the Fellowship, including stewardship, long-range planning, and governance reforms.

The Program Team works closely with the Social Action Team to create programs addressing issues of social action and social justice.

Members (2014-2015): Ellen Reid Gold (Leader), Rachel Gehringer, Jake Kipp, Lynne Bodle, Rita Spradlin, Betty Baron, Paul Enos, Emily Russell, Forrest Swall, Jean Dirks, Janney Burgess, Graham Kreicker

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