Worship Associates

The UFL Worship Associates (not formally constituted as a team) began meeting in the summer of 2014 and will temporarily assume some of the responsibilities for the Worship Service (formerly Spiritual Celebration).

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The charge of that team (Spiritual Celebration Team) is described below.

Working creatively and collaboratively with each other, members of the Spiritual Celebration Team provide support for Sunday services—a communal event and one of the public faces of the Fellowship. Shared ministry is honored as a reality in congregational life, through the opportunity to hear different voices, new viewpoints, and a wide range of service themes. Team members think deeply about the life of the congregation and present themes which consider the literature and music of the world and how they are relevant to our community and contemporary events. Theological differences become a source of strength rather than division when members are able to share thoughtfully and directly.

Primary goals of the team:

  • To ensure consistently high-quality, meaningful Sunday services throughout the year, enhancing the communal life of the Fellowship and honoring Unitarian Universalist principles and tradition;
  • To offer a welcoming environment for the sharing of diverse ideas and experiences of what is sacred, mystery, and wonder.

Worship Associates (2014-2015): Jill Jarvis, Rebecca Gant, Daniel Bontempo, Brian Vancil, Ellen Reid Gold, John Brewer, Lara Wilson, Linda Duke, and Marta Caminero

Worship Service (Spiritual Celebration) Members (2014-2015): Lara Wilson, Ellen Reid Gold, Liza Gant, Bob Burbank, Marta Caminero-Santangelo, Susan Harper, Tamara Fairbanks-Ishmael

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