9:30 a.m. Traditional Program

Our Traditional Program, a legacy since 1957, seeks to contribute to our community life by:

  • Presenting a diversity of programs to our membership,
  • Maintaining a format that is participatory and engaging for a variety of ages and interests,
  • Reflecting the concerns our members share for the Lawrence community, as well as for people throughout the world.

Presentations include current issues such as health care or the environment, performing arts, social justice, topics in family life, science and the history of Unitarianism

The Order of Service usually follows this format:

  • Welcome
  • Announcements
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Joys and Concerns
  • Welcoming Newcomers
  • Introduction of the Presenter
  • Presentation
  • Questions and discussion

10:30 a.m. Coffee and Snacks in Founders Hall

A time for continuing discussion, socializing, and viewing art.  

11:00 a.m. Worship Service

Recognizing and honoring that we have come from different faith traditions, that we may struggle in our understanding of the presence or absence of the divine, that we are seeking individual truth as well as universal truth, acceptance, and blessing, we use the following as guidance for planning and execution of the Worship Service:

  • We welcome all.
  • We seek to invoke the sacred through music, drama, laughter, tears, joy, sorrow, words, deeds, and silence.
  • We seek to offer an environment for the sharing of ideas and experiences of what is sacred, mysterious, and wondrous.
  • We seek to create a space that is safe for those who are searching for peace and acceptance, who are retreating from the hectic world, who are in need of shelter, and who seek to find ways to live meaningful lives in the world.
  • Our services seek to honor the diversity of needs of all who are here. The tone or focus of our services may challenge your notions of accepted practice. We are thus reminded of our pledge to accept one another and encourage each others’ spiritual growth.

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Our worship service has a structure similar to many conventional religious Sunday morning experiences. We have a sermon/homily, hymns, and twice a month our part-time minister speaks. The subject matter is generally spiritual or ethical in nature, often with emphasis on the seven Unitarian Universalist principles.

Nursery: 9:15 – 12:00 every Sunday.

Children’s Sunday School: 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Grades K-8 begin the morning in their RE (Religious Exploration) classes. Children attend RE classes in the religious education rooms. Once a month we hold an intergenerational program to acquaint children with our Sunday morning services. From 11:00 – 12:00 children are invited to share activities with an adult, indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

Youth Program ~ YRUU (Grades 8-12): 
Junior and senior high school students are also invited to attend both the Spiritual Celebration and classes from 11:00 to 12:00.

Wheelchair Access Our congregation has taken part in the Welcoming Congregation[UUA] program to become more Open and Affirming towards bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender people.

Wheelchair Access Our facility is wheelchair accessible. The sanctuary is on the same level as the main entrance. Near the main entrance is the elevator for access to Founders Hall (our gathering place for coffee time) or to the downstairs library.

Wheelchair Access Our facility has assisted listening devices available. There are also large print hymnals available.

no_perfum_25BFor the comfort of our members, please do not wear perfume or cologne to services and functions.