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October 29    Lawrence City Commission Candidates

November 5    John Musgrave on Vietnam

“Vietnam war hero and anti-war hero, John Musgrave of Baldwin City, will speak at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence at 9:30 on Sunday, 5 November.  The former Marine was featured in the recent Ken Burns documentary of the Vietnam war that was shown on PBS TV.  He also was the featured speaker at a recent KCPT TV outreach event at Liberty Hall.

November 12   Sophia Khan

November 19 Guest at Your Table Sunday
We will learn more about the Guest at Your Table program and of the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and what we can do to help in the US as well as world wide. Guest-at-Your-Table boxes will be distributed, to be filled with coins and the green stuff as you welcome a guest at your table during meals for the next month and returned at the Mitten Tree Celebration on December 17. “Stories of Hope” will be told, and we’ll be treated to some Thanksgiving surprises yet to be determined.

UUCL Drumming Circle


Dylan Bassett, who teaches African Drumming at KU, will be leading a drumming workshop/drumming circle at UUCL on Saturday, October 21, from 2:00 to around 3:30. All those interested in drumming (whether novice or experienced) are welcome. There will be a $10 fee to pay Dylan for his time/expertise and for schlepping a bunch of djembes and other percussion instruments. If you have your own drum, please bring it. Please let UUCL Music Director Susan Harper know if you will attend so we can plan accordingly.

Contact Susan at UUCLMusic@sbcglobal.net; 785-830-8487 or through Facebook. Hope to see you there!

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