Meditation Group

Beginners, family and friends are welcome to participate in the UUCL Meditation Group.  Meditations are held in the UUCL Sanctuary on the third Thursday of every month from 7:00 – 8:30.  Information about the meetings is provided every month in the Sunday bulletin announcements and the UUCL Newsletter.

Though mindfulness meditation techniques have been practiced in virtually every spiritual tradition, they are most clearly delineated in Buddhist teaching. However, the practices are nonsectarian and nondenominational.  Research shows the practices to be effective in reducing stress.

Leader for our meditation sessions is Jeff Nichols, who has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1975.  He is a physician with a practice in Lawrence specializing in Psychiatry and Complementary Medicine.  He also has background in biofeedback and psychophysiology, has taught relaxation and meditation skills for many years.

The UUCL sessions are offered on a voluntary donation basis.  The principles behind this are 1) no one is ever denied the opportunity to learn because of finances; 2) individuals are offered the opportunity to support the teacher and the teaching, and 3) the donation is an opportunity for the student to express the principle of generosity and loving kindness.