Middle Youth

Middle Youth in WS Room

Our Middle Youth age group is small in numbers this year so we are going to try a new format that hopefully engages this small but mighty group!

At this age, youth may be trying to make sense out of experience that they take in as profound and possibly religious.   It is important to provide an open and safe place for them to question and explore their beliefs and feelings surrounding these personal stories.

These Middle Youth classes will be on the

1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month at 9:30 a.m.

Sept. 20th, Oct 4th, Oct 18th, Nov 1st, Nov 15th and Dec 6th.

Please mark your calendars!

Here is our line-up for the fall (although this is subject to change at facilitator’s discretion!  Check your Friday eblast “Sunday in RE” for an up to date listing of which episode we will be watching):


       Sunday Date    Title of Twilight Zone episode   Subject for discussion
September 20  The Monsters are Due on Maple Street On the dangers of prejudice and hysteria
October 4  The Eye of the Beholder On prejudice and social conformity
October 18  The Howling Man On evil
November 1  To Serve Man On visitors from outerspace and speciesism
November 15  The Obsolete Man On censorship and the dangers of totalitarianism
December 6  A Most Unusual Camera On greed
No classes until January


Your youth’s participation will be very important in order to create community among these kids and to get an active discussion going.  Please feel free to have your son or daughter bring a friend on Sunday morning!  I have 4 committed volunteers for 2 teaching teams: Brian Vancil & Jessica Gipp and Nicole and Shane Wells.   I am guessing they may be disappointed if they don’t get the opportunity to watch and discuss these shows!    In addition, Michelle Iwig-Harmon has generously offered to supervise youth on the Sundays there is not a class with playing games or some tech sharing.