Mission & Vision Task Force


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Origins of the MVTF

Mission Vision Task Force Summary (May 2015)

Path metaphor

Mid America Region Consultant Visit (Phil Lund)

Trends Observed in World Cafe Discussions

Demographic Information

UFL Survery on Religious Diversity

Consultant visit (Patricia d’Auria)

Letter from Patricia d’Auria

Reading list


May 31 Program

The following links display videos from the 2011 General Assembly and show how one congregation uses its mission. The program is called Pathways to Membership and it was presented by the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY.


Town Hall – January 11

Town Hall – January 28

World Cafe – March 7

Consultant Session May 9 – AM

Consultant Session May 9 – PM

Comments (from members who could not attend Town Meetings)


Baron-Johanning- Tim Miller

Tom Miller-Audra Fullerton-Nancy Jorn

Please visit this page often to view the latest events scheduled, research results, and questions and answers. You can send your questions to any member of the Task Force: Rebecca Gant, Jill Jarvis, Bob Burbank, Michele Iwig-Harmon, Barbara Thompson, Ted Wilson, or John Brewer. Just click the name to open a message box in your email program.