About Membership

smiling members in Founders Hall

What Newcomers Bring

We welcome you who are newcomers to UUCL, you who continually bring a diversity of religious (or no religious) backgrounds, beliefs, values, needs, intentions, and understandings of Unitarian Universalism (UU) as you arrive here. We all participate in worship, programs, and activities offered to foster spiritual and faith development in a diversity of ways, in a community without a creed, but not without religious values. Yet with all this diversity, UUCL members and friends frequently say that what we treasure here most is a sense of community, specifically, a community where we can feel valued for who we are individually in our religious journey. How does one arrive at this sense of community in diversity? Welcoming, orienting, and integrating you are significant UUCL activities. Getting to know who we are as a community and as individuals, what (and how) we believe, what our Lawrence and our larger denominational heritage are—all these will help you to explore how this Fellowship fits, or doesn’t, into your personal religious journey, or into your family’s religious needs.  At the same time, you can discover what you (and your family, if applicable) add to the UUCL community.

Paths to Membership

We actively encourage you to become involved in our New To UU orientation program.  Offered twice a year, this six-week Sunday morning course addresses UU principles, UU identity, spiritual, ethical, and faith development in some depth. It also allows you to connect with long time UUCL members, lets you learn what membership involves, and offers an invitation (but no requirement) to become a member.

A sign up sheet is on the Welcome table, or you can use the online signup page.  For more information, please contact Deb at deb@ks-russells.com

Some newcomers who could not attend the course, but who have grown in their religious development, developed a sense of community here, and are ready to commit to membership. If you find yourself in this situation and have become actively involved in the life of the Fellowship, you can meet with the minister and the membership team leader to discuss becoming a member. Membership does not preclude new UUCL members from taking the New To UU course at a later date, and longer term members who would like to participate in the course are also encouraged to do so.

New Member Ceremony

About a week after each New to UU program is completed, a brief new member signing ceremony is conducted as a part of the 11:00 Worship Service. There is a ceremonial signing of the membership book, and new members are formally presented to, and welcomed by, the congregation.