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We recognize that caring for your child so you can attend the Sunday programming and worship is an important role that we play in your family’s life, and we strive to fulfill that role well.  Nursery caregivers provide loving care for our littlest congregants ( infants, toddlers, and children to age 4 ) in the Emerson Room.

Safety and comfort are our priorities and we have carefully compiled a Nursery Handbook for the UUCL.  Copies are available at the Welcome Table or you may email the Director of Lifelong Learning:

Our Nursery is regularly staffed with paid caregivers.  Occasionally it is necessary to rely on the help of a parent or UUCL youth volunteer.  While morning drop-off time can get busy, our care givers will work with your child to provide a gentle transition into our care.

Please sign your child in and provide us allergy information and a cell number so that we may contact you during the service if we are unable to console your child.

We use an all-natural disinfectant to wipe down surfaces in the nursery, but please do not leave your child if he or she is ill.  The Nursery Handbook provides details.

In accordance with the UUA Safe Congregation Policy, there will be every attempt to keep children with 2 caregivers at all times. In order to facilitate this, nursery caregivers will remain in contact with the DLL, so that as situations arise that necessitate one caregiver leaving the nursery either the DLL or a parent volunteer will step in to provide temporary assistance.

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