On this page you can listen to reflections presented by Rev. Jill Jarvis and other ministers and associates at the UUCL Worship Service.


(August 27, 2017)  Not your Parents’ Sunday School Director of Faith Development Bonnie Blosser


(August 13, 2017)  Blessings for the Journey -Seminarian Rebecca Gant


(July 23, 2017) The Science of Skipping Stones: Faith, freedom, and our UU legacy–  Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long


(July 2, 2017) The Wonder Box of Worship – John Brewer
Where did the Wonder Box come from and why do we call our gathering a worship service? John tackles these questions and explains his own understanding of worship in the UU faith. A special Story for All Ages will commemorate the past history the Wonder Box on this Sunday before the 4th of July.


(June 25, 2017) There’ll be Joy in the Morning But What About Tonight? – Seminarian Rebecca Gant
Joy!  Wouldn’t we all like to have a little more in our lives?  Join us as we play, laugh, and ponder the meaning of joy- and how to make room for more of it in our lives.


(April 23, 2017) All the Wrong Places – Rev. Jill Jarvis

On the way to yes, what happens when we keep getting misdirected? Life is filled with deviations and detours that lead us away from where we thought we were heading. Just take a wrong turn and….then what? There may be something sacred waiting in the least expected places.


(March 5, 2017)  Nevertheless, She Persisted – Rev. Jill Jarvis

Simply due to their gender, women — and especially women who persist – -face greater risks in life. Patriarchy and misogyny are root causes of violence against women in all its manifestations. As we honor Women’s History Month, we ask: What is the responsibility for men in combatting sexism? How do brothers, sons, husbands, lovers, fathers, and friends stand in solidarity against the very patriarchal system which privileges and shapes them?


(January 8, 2017) The Words of the Prophets (“are written on subway walls”)

We need prophetic communities now more than ever. We need courageous people who are willing to see what is happening, to name it, and to act according to the evidence. Acts of resistance take many forms: music, poetry, teaching, listening, advocacy, witness … as everyday prophets of all ages, gifts, interests, and abilities stay awake and sustain one another for the long haul.


(November 27, 2016) What Does It Mean To Be A Community of Story? – Rebecca K. Gant

Our lives are not just made up of stories; they are also made by stories. This might be the most important reminder of this month. Indeed, who of us hasn’t felt controlled by a story? Stuck in a story? Hopeless about the way our story will end up? Simply put, stories write us as much as we write them.


(November 13, 2016)  Happily Ever After?

This is not the way the election story has ended for so many. How are we dealing with grief, trauma, and the justifiable fear of those who are vulnerable? Whose stories is it important to hear five days into a new reality? What do we tell the children now? And where is the part that might lead us toward hope, and when?


(Nov. 6, 2016) Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends

We are all story-tellers, and we are the stories we tell – as individuals, as a community, as a nation.  But our evolving stories are constructed of selectively recalled pasts and wishful anticipations of the future.  On this Sunday before Election Day, we ask, who controls the narrative? We each have many stories – but which of them is the real one?  All of them, or none?


(May 8, 2016)  Transcending the Supernatural God

What if saying “no” to the God of supernatural illusion isn’t the end of the story? We want our lives to matter in this world. We reach out for comfort and hope in our suffering. How could the ancient power and resonance of “God” affirm all we know about modern science, and still provide what we humans need to save ourselves?

Read Reverend Jarvis’s responses from “Faith Forum” in the Lawrence Journal World.