This Coming Sunday

June 25

9:30 AM Traditional Program:  “Is there ever any good news about glaciers?”  – Leigh Stearns 


Headlines are always meant to alarm: ‘Antarctica is disintegrating into the ocean!’ ‘An iceberg the size of Rhode Island broke off!’ ‘A glacier in Greenland accelerated 200%!’ ‘Only a few more years until Glacier National Park has no more glaciers!’ In this talk KU geology professor, Leigh Stearns, will outline some of the recent changes that are taking place on glaciers worldwide, but particularly in Greenland and Antarctica. She will explain how we measure glacier change, and why some changes are alarming and others are not.

10:30 a.m. Coffee in Founders Hall

Art in Founder’s Hall: June 25 will be the last day of Justin Marable’s and Lisa Grossman’s prints and Bailey Marable’s sterling silver jewelry.

11:00 AM Worship Service:  “There’ll be Joy in the Morning – But What About Tonight?” –  Rebecca Gant and Worship Associate Travis Wells

family stories

Joy!  Wouldn’t we all like to have a little more in our lives?  Join us as we play, laugh, and ponder the meaning of joy- and how to make room for more of it in our lives.

Lifelong Learning

Adults at 9:30 am

There are no Adult Faith Development classes today.

Children at 9:30 am   Summer Science in the Spirit Play Center

Kids are asked to join Brian and Sara Vancil as we celebrate the joy of learning by doing!  We will be working as a group to conduct some hands-on science experiments.  We’ll delight in asking “why” and “how” questions before testing out our theories.  We won’t even know we’re learning, it will be so much fun!