This Coming Sunday

April 30

9:30 AM Traditional Program:  “Water Resources in Kansas and the Legislative Process” – Representative Tom Sloan



Following Sunday’s absorbing video, “When the Well Runs Dry,”  the Program Team has invited Tom Sloan, Republican from the Kansas House, district 45, to discuss current legislative attempts to support and sustain water resources in Kansas.  Sloan is chair of the recently formed Committee on Water and Environment.  Sloan will talk about  the responsibility of the legislature to fund water resources.

10:30 a.m. Coffee in Founders Hall

This is the final Sunday featuring photographs taken by  UUCL member E. Jay Hilty. Coming up: Justin Marable and Lisa Grossman will show prints, and Bailey Marable’s sterling silver jewelry will be on exhibit from May 14 through June 25, with a reception on Sunday, May 21, at 10:30 AM.

11:00 a.m. Worship Service: “Being and Becoming:  Our Stories of Transformation” – Lynne Bodle with UUCL members

yellow flowers

Transformation is a lifelong process.  Learning, struggling, overcoming, accepting, reflecting, wrestling with ambiguity, loss, joy – The tough and tender times of life don’t lead us to where we can finally say, “I’ve arrived!”  But with ever increasing awareness, we might be able to say many times along the way, “I’m becoming more fully human.”  Join us to explore the possibilities, and to hear moving stories of personal transformation from some of our UUCL members.

Lifelong Learning

9:30 am  for Adults

UU Parenting Sharing Circle (Beatrix Potter Room)

“13 Reason’s Why” – What would you do?

The Netflix breakout show “13 Reasons Why” has been praised for its binge-worthy, dramatic storytelling. But mental health experts warn that its thrilling narrative devices also make it problematic.

The story follows high school student Hannah Baker as she posthumously narrates the months leading up to her death by suicide. Hannah leaves behind tapes for people in her life that detail how their nefarious actions ultimately led to her decision. The 13-episode drama also vividly depicts the method Hannah used to end her life.

So many folks are talking about this series.  Share your thoughts and listen to others.

Faith Like a River – Freedom of Belief (Library downstairs)     

“God’s Gonna Trouble the Waters — Martyrs and Sacrifice”

Join Deb and Lynne for a workshop that will examine the commitment and contributions of some martyrs in our Unitarian Universalist history who paid the ultimate price upholding their religious principles. You will  explore the strength of your own beliefs, values and attitudes regarding taking a stand when the cost may be high.

9:30 am Spirit Play  – 4 yrs to 5th grade (Spirit Play Center)

Written in 1956, Crow Boy tells the story of a boy in Japan who does not fit in with his peers at school. When a new teacher arrives and takes special interest in the boy, transformation takes place, and Chibi’s talents are uncovered. Sara and Brian will share this story.

Questions for family reflection…

  • What are your special talents?
  • How do you transform yourself or your community when you share your gifts?
  • How do you nurture your children’s talents and gifts?

9:30 am Middle Youth – Grades 6 to 8  (Youth Room)

Middle Youth leaders Michelle Iwig-Harmon and Melissa Kelly will be giving our 6th-8th graders more choices in and control over what they do in their hour together on Sunday mornings.  They are welcome to bring an electronic device if they have one or we will have several available.  Most weeks they will be guided to explore topics of their choosing and consider how this and/or current world events might be viewed through a UU lens.  In addition they will have unscheduled time to hang out with others their age, play board games or spend time outside.