This Coming Sunday

May 28

9:30 AM Traditional Program:  “Celebration Sunday, Kudos and Dreams”


Join us on this traditional day as we celebrate and recognize our teachers, children and youth; those who have joined us in the past year; recipients of the Warriner and Oldfather awards; and more.

10:30 a.m. Coffee in Founders Hall

Art in Founder’s Hall: Justin Marable and Lisa Grossman will show prints, and Bailey Marable’s sterling silver jewelry will be on exhibit through June 25.

11:00 a.m. Worship Service: “The Breath of Our Ancestors” – Rev. Jill Jarvis with Worship Associate Travis Wells

Clay figurines

In many ways we’re the sum of those who came before us. Whether we choose to stand proudly on their shoulders, reject the legacy, or choose the “ancestors” who inspire our lives — we each belong to a story much larger than ourselves. On this Memorial Day weekend, we celebrate the ancestors whose spirits and stories we embody. You’re invited to bring a photo, memento, or other symbol of an ancestor — inherited or chosen – whose legacy you hope to keep alive for future generations.

Lifelong Learning

At the 9:30 a.m. Program, we will be honoring and celebrating all those who have contributed time and talent this year to our Lifelong Learning programming.

All families, please stay together and begin the morning in reserved seating at the front of the sanctuary.

Spirit Play and Middle Youth classes will hold shorter sessions today.

9:30 am for Adults

No faith development programming for adults this morning!

9:30 am Spirit Play  – 4 yrs to 5th grade (Spirit Play Center)

Hare Rescues the Sun

Come listen as we share a tale from the Inuit people about what happened when Evil Ones took the sun away from Earth. How will the animals survive in the cold and darkness, and which of them will rescue the sun?

Questions for family reflection…

  • What can we learn from folktales from other cultures?
  • How are our actions impacting Earth today?
  • What can we do to live out our Violet Principle: to care for Earth and its creatures?

9:30 am Middle YouthGrades 6 to 8  (Youth Room)

Great job raising money for the Harvesters Give Lunch Program last Sunday!

Middle Youth leaders Michelle Iwig-Harmon and Melissa Kelly will be giving our 6th-8th graders more choices in and control over what they do in their hour together on Sunday mornings.  They are welcome to bring an electronic device if they have one or we will have several available.  Most weeks they will be guided to explore topics of their choosing and consider how this and/or current world events might be viewed through a UU lens.  In addition they will have unscheduled time to hang out with others their age, play board games or spend time outside.